‎Areas of Practice

Criminal Law ‎

‎Economic offences – fraud, bribery, money laundering, antitrust, securities, tax offences and environmental law. ‎

‎Classic criminal offenses – Death-related offenses, such as murder, manslaughter, wrongful death, drugs, violence, and property offences. ‎

‎Our office also deals with military offences and representation in military courts.‎

‎Specific specialization in fatal road accident cases – manslaughter and wrongful death.‎

‎We provide legal representation before the various prosecution entities, police, the Israeli State Attorney, the Israeli Securities Authority, the Israeli Antitrust Authority, and the Police Internal Investigations Department, both in preliminary hearing procedings before the filing of indictments and throughout  legal proceedings. ‎ ‎We also provide legal representation in all aspects of extradition procedures and requests to serve prison terms in Israel.‎

‎Adv. Gad Zilbershlag and his team accompany suspects and corporations from the initial stages of the investigation by the investigative authorities, and provide close, ongoing representation and counsel at all stages of the criminal proceeding. This includes representation in release from arrest proceedings and conducting negotiations with the various prosecution entities.‎

‎Our specializes in “white collar” and economic cases, including cases involving high levels of security clearance. ‎

In recent years, Zilbershlag has represented suspects and defendants in some of the most prominent and high-profile cases in Israel.

Administrative Law

Administrative petitions to district courts.

Petitions to the High Court of Justice in the Israeli Supreme Court.

Representation of prisoners before parole boards and in petitions to district courts.