The law firm of Adv. Gad Zilbershlag, is a quality boutique firm specializing criminal law. ‎

‎The firm was founded in 1998 by Adv. Gad Zilbershlag, who holds a law degree from Tel Aviv University, and is one of Israel’s leading attorneys in the field of criminal law, including economic- and “white collar” crimes.‎

‎The firm provides its clients with professional, dedicated and personal service from the initial investigation stages to the conclusion of the proceeding. ‎

‎The firm provides legal services while closely accompanying clients throughout legal proceedings, preparing legal opinions and providing representation before all tribunals, courts and disciplinary committees in Israel. In addition, the firm provides legal counsel and support during investigation proceedings and representation in preliminary hearing proceedings.‎

‎The uniqueness of the law firm stems from its in-depth professional experience in numerous types of offences, such as fraud, money laundering, antitrust and economic fields, as well as in classic criminal cases, such as causing death, including homicide, manslaughter and wrongful death, drugs, violence, property offences and fatal road accidents. ‎

‎Adv. Gad Zilbershlag has rich and considerable experience in managing complex and large-scale cases and has represented defendants in some of the most prominent criminal cases in Israel.‎

Adv. Gad Zilbershlag has had impressive successes in acquitting defendants and high profile persons, and in the prevention of indictments in preliminary hearings before the Israeli State Attorney Office and Attorney General of Israel.

Adv. Gad Zilbershlag is active in the Israeli Bar Association both in the framework of the Committee for Criminal Affairs in the Tel Aviv district and in  the National Criminal Forum.